Friday, December 30, 2011

And Now We Are One: Thanks From a New Kid on the Blog

The title could suggest a celebration of the emptiness of our form, but it just means that Snow Branches is one year old today.

A year and a day or so ago, I wasn't totally sure what a blog was or whether I'd even read one. A couple of friends in the 'other' world had encouraged me to share my thoughts, and blogging seemed logical. After a bit of exploring with Google and clicking around user-friendly Blogger, the site was up and running.

Snow Branches was the title of a tiny collection of poems I wrote five years earlier and circulated by e-mail to all of half a dozen friends and relatives. I kept the title because I couldn't think of a better one. The photo is a bush outside the front door.

A few writing rules took shape: Listen to your heart - you head's too sneaky; If you wouldn't read it, chuck it; No BS; Yes, acknowledging your humanity is uncomfortable - get over it; Try not to cause too much damage; For god's sake attenuate your proclivity for polysyllabery.

A year later, I've been honoured by 9,300 visits from about 75 countries. I know these aren't huge numbers for the first year of a blog, but my socks are officially knocked off. Thank you so much.

Although I don't usually subject my clients to the blog, Google is merciless. I was on the phone to a new client who was looking me up while we spoke. She asked, "Oh, are you the Buddhist poet?" I muttered, ", well..." She said, "I just love those little poems - what do they call them?" ", haiku, but I don't count the syllables..." Thankfully the conversation meandered back to her case.

The blog is mostly about kindness, and it has been nurtured by the kindness of so many, for which I'm deeply grateful: the generous encouragement of other bloggers who have welcomed me into the family, and the kind retweets, mentions and likes by the beloved Twitter people and Facebook friends.

Special thanks to everyone who left comments. You know who you are.

In case you don't, here are your names linked to your blogs: Andressa, Anonymous, Barry, Bea, Caine, Carole, Charity, Darragh, Dawid, Debra, Elizabeth, Elliott, Herb, James, Jeff, Jess, Jomon, Julie, Kara, Karina, Kate, Kathy, Kel, Kellie, Kyle, Lola, Lynette, Maia, Marguerite, MTK, Nishant, Nancy, Nicola, Rizal, Scott, Stream_enterer, Sue, Susan, Tara, Thane, TMC and Wendy.

And to the person who drove onto my blog on a Google search looking for "luckybeard bonali mediafire", I hope you find what you're looking for. Please feel free to come back any time and stay for a cup of tea!


  1. Dear David,

    Happy blog birthday to Snow Branches! Thank you for one year of making the bloggosphere a kinder and more poetic place.

    And may we all find what we're looking for, no matter what search terms we may use!


  2. Happy Blogiversary David! You certainly do cultivate kindness here on Snow Branches, and I always appreciate your comments on my blog.

    I'm usually surprised when a post of mine brings in more than a few comments. I have 46 followers, but usually get 3 comments per post. I must not hit a chord terribly often, but i write for myself and it is always a happy surprise when people respond.

    Here's to another year of blogging!

  3. Happy Birthday Snowbranches! David i love your blog so please keep up the good work. As they micht say in yir auld hameland yir daein a richt bra job!

  4. Hi Maia, thanks so much for your kind words. All the best to you too! Gassho back.

    Thanks, Tara. Your blog is definitely one of my favourite places to visit. Happy blogging to you too!

    Och thanks, Thane - it taks ane tae ken ane!

  5. Happy blogiversary, Mr. Ashton! Your posts always give me pause for thought. : )

  6. And thank you for pausing to read them Ms. TMC! I enjoy returning to rural for a breath of fresh air :)

  7. awww...happy birthday snow branches. So many are better off for your presence:) wishing you all the very best and wishing us all many more of your kind and gentle posts. Congratulations David!

  8. A very happy, happy bloggiversary, Master David! It has been a joy to have you around.... A square.... A polysyllabaric polygon!

  9. Thank you for providing insightful and welcoming reasons to visit Snow Branches! Hopefully they'll be many more years of thoughts and prose to follow!
    Congrats & stay the course! ;)

  10. Happy Birthday to your blog and thanks for one year of wise contributions to the blogosphere. (I can't believe it's only been a year!)

    You have to love stats. Sometimes I look at how people found my blog and I can't stop laughing. :)

  11. Thank you so much, Susan! I'm blushing again.

    Thank you Ms. Lynette! Hopefully not an appalling sybartic paragon...

    Thanks, Bea - your blog is an inspiration!

  12. Hi, Lola - thanks very much! Those stats are a hoot. I was tempted to do a post just on funny search keywords. All the best over at Buddhatropolis!


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