Friday, December 2, 2011

Seven Links - Browsing through the Branches

I was encouraged to write this post by Lynette over at 108 Zen Books, who was encouraged to write 7 links - how to appreciate yourself by Carole over at ZenDotStudio, who was similarly encouraged to write Wandering Down Memory Lane (My 7 Links) by what must be a long lineage of introspecting bloggers that may have started here.

Here are the rules. Bloggers named in a "7 Link" blog are encouraged to list seven of their posts that fit these categories:

1. Most beautiful
2. Most popular
3. Most controversial
4. Most helpful
5. Most surprisingly successful
6. Most neglected
7. The post that makes you most proud

Then they nominate five other bloggers to do the same.

This is not easy. Brain immediately offers divers reasons why not to do it: (a) It's an ego trip. (b) Who cares what I think about my posts? (c) It's like picking which of your children you love most. (d) Choosing 5 bloggers will offend everyone else or hurt their feelings. (e) I should be writing something meaningful (f) Blah blah blah. Hmm - these are sounding pretty persuasive...

OK, if Lynette and Carole survived, I guess I'll give it a go.

Most beautiful
As in beautiful phenomenon (not beautiful writing!). I picked An Ancient Tree Blooms: The Awakening of Compassion because I can't think of anything more beautiful than that.

Most popular
That's easy. Mindful Blindness: A Rant Against Speciesism got about four times more hits than any other. That's really heartwarming.

Most controversial
My posts haven't generated much debate, except for Do Bodhisattvas Go To Heaven? (See the last four comments - an altercation I seem to have incited with a comment over at The Zennist)

Most helpful
(to me) The Oak Tree in the Garden is a short piece about realizing that my need to feel like I'm making a difference is misplaced. What I really need is just to fearlessly plow ahead with all I've got. Where? I have absolutely no idea.

Most surprisingly successful
I didn't expect Car 16: A Reminiscence to climb so fast. It must have been the funny conversation at the end.

Most neglected
Who Are These Faithful Friends? Not the least visited, but my first. I still marvel at how the animals that we know the most intimately are the victims of such mindless abuse. Who are they? Here's a hint: they are wearing our clothes.

The post that makes you most proud
This is cheating, but I'm not going to play favourites. Some Poems, Some More Poems, Another Batch of Poems and Poems Batch 4. I don't think proud is the right word, but I kind of like some of them.

Enough about me. I've been trying to think of criteria that will fairly yield about five bloggers without stooping to favouritism (or sadism, depending on how you view it....). Most frequent commenters seems to work.  Without further ado, here they are: (now ducking for cover, maybe never to come back...) Tara at Out of the Lotus, Bea at PROVOKED, Kellie at off-peak, Susan at Sincerity, Cleanliness & Good Presentation and Karina at Senshin. I'll pass on the note that was passed to me: please don't feel obligated in any way to play - you didn't put your name in the hat, so I hope you just do whatever feels right. Just reading your blogs is good enough for me.

Well, Dave, that wasn't so hard, was it? Yes, Dave, it was.


  1. Nice collection, David. Yes, a lot of work to do the round up, but fun work, right? It was nice to read some posts I'd missed.

  2. hahaha...okay, thanks for thinking of me. My branches are a bit bare but I'll give it a go. It was fun reading yours, as always.

  3. I love it! And a very creative way of getting out of that "pick me! pick me!" koan. Car 16 is still my favourite. :-)

  4. Thanks Carole. Yes it was hard work but fun - well worth it. Thanks for bringing it into the neighbourhood.

    Thanks, Susan - mine were a bit spare too, but at the end, I was wishing I could list more.

    Hi Lynette, thanks for the kind words. I was glad to wiggle out of it - I think the flip side of that koan is "not me! not me!" :)

  5. David I'm honored that you think I'm up to the task... And I'm also relieved that there is no time limit. (wiggle)

    I really identified with your Most Helpful Oak Tree in the Garden. There are a thousand and one things to say and directions to go when writing - Wanting so much to make that difference to who ever may read and understand... Most often the thoughts are too intense to restrict into words. There's always that fear of being "too much" and feeling "too deeply". You are wise in your advice to do what seems right and let the consequences fall where they will.

    I'm not surprised that Mindful Blindness was the most popular... And it pleases me to no end that it is!

    My favorite? One that is new to me up till a few moments ago when I read An Ancient Tree Blooms: The Awakening of Compassion. It is truly beautiful in bringing a much needed message of hope.

    May your writing always bring you challenge and satisfaction... And may your kind efforts help further along a better world.

  6. Dear Bea - I'm honoured that you've taken the time to browse around my blog and make such thoughtful and encouraging comments. Thank you so much!


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