Friday, April 11, 2014

A Field of Swans and Ducks and Geese

A field of swans and ducks and geese,
A twilight picnic meeting,
Together wade and feed in peace,
No thought of time as fleeting

How precious, life, how hard to know,
Yet time I’m prone to squander,
My home is here and now, although
My mind is prone to wander

Let’s open up our guarded heart,
No matter if it’s breaking
And all we cherish falls apart,
We’re from a dream awaking

The lonely wave, it laughed aloud
Then wept with such emotion,
Cried, "Oh my God, I see it now -
I've always been the ocean!"

Compassion is a burning flame
That sears away our blindness,
Though we may never be the same,
What matters else but kindness?


  1. What matters else but kindness?


    Thanks, David!

  2. This is beautiful David. It has a feeling of coming home.

    1. Thanks, Kel - it's great to see you back in the blogosphere. Looking forward to following your blog over at Open Sky Writing.

  3. Hi David,
    Thank you, thank you. I just especially love, 'lets open up our guarded heart' and 'the lonely wave it laughed aloud' and 'compassion is a burning flame.'
    I also just noticed you live on SaltSpring island. I have lived in Sydney, Australia for 30 years, (originally from London) and first visited Saltspring island in 1990 and again in 1999, when I was in Portland for a Process Oriented Psychology conference and a Tibetan Buddhist conference. It is my most favourite place in the northern hemisphere! I aways keep Saltspring deep in my heart. So lovely to see you live there.

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks very much. Salt Spring is my favourite place too. I enjoyed reading The Discovery Diet over at your blog!

  4. THANK you. I'm very touched by this poem, David. Yes, it does have a feeling of coming home Lexi Kay. I'm handwriting it into my journal, if you don't mind. Did you take the photo, David?

    1. Thank you, Susan. I would be honoured to be in your journal! I took the photo in the Blenkinsop valley near Victoria.

  5. David, a fine poem and one of those perfect conclusions. Thank you! Great pic too - Canada geese are one of my favourites.

    Am just about to head off to the Isle of Iona to lead my annual retreat - the reason I mention it is because two lovely friends used to own the (organic, fair trade, own veg, right on the water's edge!) hotel where I lead it; and they are the ones I think I mentioned to you who moved to Saltspring 18 months ago.

    1. Roselle, thank you so much. I hope your friends are enjoying Salt Spring Island. I've never been to Iona but it looks likea beautiful place.

  6. Absolutely one of the most touching and beautiful poems I've ever read. The lonely wave who is part of the great sea. Kindness is a what makes us a part of it all. Incredibly lovely and profound.

    1. Wow. Thanks, Bea! There's an endless sea of kindness over at your blogs Once Upon a Vegan and PROVOKED where I never cease to be moved and inspired.


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