Sunday, September 1, 2013

Missing In Action

Stepping from August into September, the question nipping at my heels is, "When is not doing enough, enough?" The lazy summer months floated by, my formal practice went on holiday, this blog crawled under a rock and went to sleep and to some extent, honestly, I feel like I did too.

The summer hasn't been a complete write-off by any stretch. Lots of family time, office time and exercise, and what I think of as my informal practice - i.e. for pretty much everything outside the zendo that doesn't involve sitting on a zafu, aiming to be fully present - continued to unfold at its own pace.

The bodhisattva express, it seems, has infinite stations where one can get on board, but none for getting off and going on a seaside holiday.

The feeling of having been missing in action (I pause to acknowledge having borrowed, nay, stolen the term from blogging friend Lynette Monteiro's Trudging the Wrong Path Diligently) arises when my half-hearted best intentions miss the mark and I drift back into reading a mindless novel. Another twinge of remorse comes from the downside of spending less time on the internet: falling behind in my blog reading, leaving a veritable cornucopia of wonderful works to catch up on.

I could lapse into platitudes here, but since what is really called for is action, I'll just click the 'publish' button and get back to work at failing better.

See you out there.


  1. Thievery! Robbery! Sloth! Torpor!

    It's good to read you again, my friend. And I would say you were hardly MIA when we had lunch in the Spring. At least we trudge together.

  2. Seems there are many who have gone awol lately - known only for their absence... But sometimes we just need a break! eh? Time to just BE... Although for some reason I keep trudging along - but am feeling that urge for "sabbatical" more and more... Running out of words - which is not a bad thing.:) Love the photo. Looking forward to tales from MIA - sounds like a lovely place :)

    1. Hi Christine, thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to meandering over to your blog for some more catching up!

  3. Hi and welcome back! It's great that your absence was one where relaxation and renewal lured you away and not trouble or a heavy heart. There is so much on the web (and the world) that can cause despair if not for the occasional meandering into a better state. The woes and worry will always be waiting when we return.

    Glad you are re-charged and enthusiastic about those special ideas yet to be written of. ;)


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