Saturday, October 29, 2011

Poems Batch 4

Here are a few new poems and some old ones gathered from other posts.

Gazing at the child
That inhabits
Your sleeping face


Through the window, winter
A falling snowflake
Shakes the house


The Waterfall

Chaos and bedlam
No droplet misplaced
Every splash harmony
Even the moment
Of thunderous impact
Silent water
Gives silent birth
To silent spray
The waterfall
Is the water
Is the rocks
Is the trees
The waterfall
Writes this
Reads this
Is this
Is just
A waterfall


Take heart!
Every moment
A second chance


My cowardice is in vain
There is nowhere
To hide


Paddling down the rapids
No time to reflect
On skilful strokes


In a dreamless sleep
The Rocky Mountains
Stride across the prairies


Countless cries
One voice
Can’t ignore


Who is asking this question?
What wants to know?
An ancient tree blooms


Thinking about thinking about thinking
Ripples on the pond
Where the frog jumped in


When I fell
You stopped
To help me up


Morning stretch
Reach out
And touch the moon

You can find other poems at Some PoemsSome More Poems and Another Batch of Poems


  1. "Take heart!
    Every moment
    A second chance"

    Beautiful :-)

  2. what wonderful little gems! like Nicola, I especially love "Take heart"

  3. Nicola, Susan and Carole...Aw shucks, guys.. thanks very much!

  4. moments in time, captured, beautifully David.

    one I wrote eons ago has stuck in my head now:

    you stopped kneading
    the bread
    to answer my letter

  5. Thanks, Tara - and I like your three-liner - are there more posted anywhere? ..perhaps there will be? :)

  6. What beautiful gems. I enjoy your metaphors and especially love the....

    Gazing at the child
    That inhabits
    Your sleeping face

  7. Thanks, Sara! I just discovered you blog at Flow of Consciousness - looking forward to more good reading!


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