Monday, February 28, 2011

Stepping Off The Flagpole

Leaves of thought
Bud, flourish and fall
In an eyeblink

All through the day, random thoughts form in my head.  Some are welcome, like an insight into a problem or a spontaneous urge to express affection.  Others are merely distractions.  The special ones are thoughts of envy and resentment and superiority.

All thoughts are just things my brain produces. If I hang on to any of them, they will get in the way of whatever I’m doing next.  My aim will be off.  I have to let them all go.

Paddling down the rapids
No time to reflect
On skilful strokes

What about the special thoughts?  Of course I have to let them go as well.  But envy and superiority remind me that I continue to compare myself with others, to see myself apart from others, and as being separate from everything else.  They present a wonderful opportunity to let go, just for a moment, of my illusion of being just the temporary whirlpool in the river, and for a second or two, to be the river as well.

Until the next thought comes along.

Stepping off the flagpole
A hundred times a day
A cup of tea would be nice


  1. Leaves of thought
    Bud, flourish and fall
    In an eyeblink

    So happy you are writing them down. Thank you for your comment on my Santa Barbara poem. I'm enjoy reading your work.


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