Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who are these faithful friends?

They are generally obedient animals, with teeth, nails and hair like most others.  They love attention but are often ignored.  They would love to romp, but are usually allowed only a little bit of walking, and for the rest of the time, are made to sit.

Most often, they are made to eat food with minimal nutritional value, so that for much of their lives, they are obese and unhealthy.  In some cases, they are forced to breathe smoke and even to take harmful drugs to the point of addiction.

They have naturally curious intellects, but these are usually stifled by the countless hours of mindless television they are made to watch.

They are aware of endless opportunities to make others happy, to reach out and comfort suffering.  But because they are forbidden to do so, they are mostly sad.

Despite all of this, they continue to serve us until they eventually die.

They deserve our kindness.

They are our bodies.


  1. Excellent posting and very true.

  2. What a unique perspective to see our own bodies as friends! I know that age and illness makes it appear that they sometime betray us. But more often... It is we who betray them.

    A great reminder to treat our friends more respectfully... Despite abuse - They really do serve us so very well.

    1. Oops I missed this comment :) Thanks, Bea. Yes the way we treat our bodies, you'd think they were a different species :(


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