Sunday, May 29, 2011

Prayers 2.0

This post is a promised follow-up to Prayer Pruning: Goodbye Jesus?

It's just a snapshot of a work in progress. Jesus and the Christian God have been edited out. The bodhisattva prayer and vows remain. If Buddhists don't worship a god, one might ask who or what is being prayed to.  Good question. I don't know the answer. For that matter, who is doing the praying? Another good question. Same answer. I don't know.

These are not intended to be an example of what Buddhist prayers should look like. They are just words that have been percolating in my heart for a long time that I wanted to share with you.

As a self bounded by space and time, in gratitude for here and now, to the self that is boundless, I bow.

May wisdom and compassion guide my actions.

May every being that suffers find comfort.

While space and sentient beings exist, may I remain to help relieve their pain.

May every being find me that needs whatever I may have to give. May I find wisdom to know who they are and what to give, the strength and means to give it, and courage when fear holds me back.

I repent the suffering caused by my actions and inaction. May I learn from my mistakes to better serve those in need.

Those who have hurt me, those I resent, and those I fear, I love, forgive and release.

All beings without number, I vow to liberate.
Endless blind passions, I vow to uproot.
Dharma gates beyond measure, I vow to penetrate.
The Great Way of Buddha, I vow to attain.


  1. these are beautiful. Each one is lovely!! I just recently bought this:

    And it is beautiful too. :)

  2. nice! I am humbled by such an expansive prayer.

  3. BB Thank you. What a neat gift! I haven't seen the book before, but I'm going to check it out.

    Thanks, Carole. No humbling was intended :)


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